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Many of you know or have heard of the local New Orleans band, Overtone. What you may not know, is that after their last show, the bass player, Miguel, was driving home and his van was hit by a drunk driver. The driver went to jail, but Miguel's van was totalled...with all of the band's equipment inside. Miguel had some bruised ribs, and a few scratches on his face from the windshield. All in all, he was very lucky. But, of course, the drunk driver has no insurance, so the chances of his van being replaced, let alone the equipment, are slim to none.

So, because there isn't enough time while I am moving for me to organize a benefit show to raise money to help replace their equipment, in the spirit of Christmas and good will, I am asking for donations. Even something as small as $1 can help, especially if each of you post this in your journal's and spread the word.

So, should you want to contribute to the "Overtone Re-stocking Fund" with Paypal, click below. If you are completely against the idea of paypal, Overtone is playing on borrowed equipment this Saturday night at the Howlin' Wolf. Come check out the band for yourself, support the local music scene, and wish the singer, Chris, a Happy Birthday. Mary amicablebitch and I will be at the show to collect cash or check donations if you want to help out. Thank you all and Happy Holidays.

Mary's original post about this is here.

If this is completely again the "rules", feel free to delete it.. I just thought this would be a good place to spread the word that local musicians need some help this Christmas. Thanks.

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