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Deep within the darks of Mississippi

thats where we roam. . .

Atomship's Live Journal Community
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  • About this community

    This community journal is here to promote, discuss, and meet Atomship fans. Pictures are welcomed but please put them behind a cut-tag. Links of interest with regards to Atomship are also welcome. Please do not spam the community by promoting other non-related communities or music groups. Memories will contain important information about the group so that it can be easily found. So be sure to check the memories before asking a question.

    No flaming is allowed, no defaming of the band or its music, or members are allowed here. Any posts made that appear to be hateful or in poor taste will be removed, and the poster banned from commenting in this journal. This is a FAN-BASED community. So save tha drama for ur mama!

    Your admin is: Jimmy [nexusnrg]