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So quick update on today's event's, I recived a phone call yesterday from john one of several people from agency's helping me find work. And it's a direct hire client, meaning I won't have to work with any stupied temp. agency's I can work directly with the company.
Any way I have no idea what company all I know is that he sent them my resume and they would like to phone interview me before asking me to come in for a personal meeting. I say sure why not. well on monday I am going into the hooneywell corparate office, to interview with the HR Manager and hopfully pick up my work supply's. LMAO
They would like to see if I am interested in a field mannager position. Basiclly I will be supervising 1-2 crews at a time, and setting up appoinments for techs to go threw out the bay and replace the thermastates in the hotel room's. I will go into more detail later but it is alot of work which is what I love. I will be staying in a hotel one week per month some where out of town. I will recive a company a credit cards phone and laptop and I would be making a nice amount of pocket change as well. I am not going to get to excited first need to pass interview stage and hopefully I will have the job. Everybody wish me luck I am going to need all that I can get. I am so excited its insane, call me bitches.
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